Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday

It's another lazy Sunday here in Bavaria.  Everything apart from eateries and museums is closed on the sabbath, so we are forced to rest and relax.  I wasn't much of a fan of this practice at first ('What's this day of rest shit?') but as of this weekend I can say that I've come around.  It's something I now cherish, guilt-free relaxation!

In other news, it is legitimately cold today.  I just returned from the coffee shop where I was doing a bit of reading.  Sitting at my table on the sidewalk I wore a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, jacket with hood pulled over my head, and a warm wool knit hat (hand made by Amanda, of course).  It is still August, right?  Germany is just 6 hours ahead of EST, not 6 months?  Just checking.  The current temperature is 55 degrees at 7:45 and there is a cool stiff breeze.

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